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Outpatient Behavioral Health Policy & Procedure Manuals

Lanstat Incorporated publishes program manuals to meet state regulatory requirements. Your manuals arrive complete and ready-to-use without the countless hours needed to revise and proofread a boilerplate outline. Behavioral Health manuals meet the requirements of Washington Administrative Code 388-877, 877A, 877B and 877C. To ensure your new manuals are ready for DBHR you will need to complete the guidelines we send and review all sections to make sure the policies and procedures match actual agency practice. Administrative, Personnel and Clinical Manuals contain a consistent and easy-to-use format and a comprehensive index. Note that we are not "updating" WAC 388-805 manuals due to the total reorganization and significant content changes in WAC 388-877.

Behavioral Health Program Manuals for WAC 388-877 plus WAC 388-877A (Mental Health through -0195) and/or WAC 388-877B (Chemical Dependency) and/or WAC 388-377C (Problem Gambling) are available for ordering.  The service areas are combined into to one set of administrative, personnel and clinical manuals.  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

Available Services:

Chemical Dependency

Intensive Outpatient
Assessment Only
DUI Assessment
Screening and Brief Intervention
Information and Crisis
Emergency Road Patrol

Mental Health (through WAC 388-877-195)

Group Therapy Services
Brief Intervention Treatment
Family Therapy Services
Case Management Services

Optional Mental Health Services

NOTE: Your agency must provide at least one of the outpatient services above to provide an optional service.*

Peer Support Services*
Psychiatric Medication Services*
Medication Support Services*
Day Support Services*
Less Restrictive Alternative (LRA) Support Services*

Problem and Pathological Gambling

Pricing (plus tax and shipping):

Mental Health and Chemical Dependency - $795.00
Chemical Dependency only - $695.00
Mental Health only - $575.00
Problem Gambling only - $575.00
Chemical Dependency, Mental Health and Problem Gambling - $895.00

Add-on sections for Chemical Dependency, Mental Health and Problem Gambling are available for those who have already ordered manuals for another service area. Click on Service Add-ons.

Lanstat customers are eligible for a 15% discount and the option of receiving manuals by email only- see details in the order form. Electronic copies are in Microsoft® Word® docx format and can be easily edited.


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